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Precision CAD designed and laser-cut from stainless steel, our hard-core brackets are tig-welded and polished for show.

We offer two distinct models:

(1)Item# 155-691-10888---Engine Bonnet Extension for all 1950 ~ 1964 Volkswagen Type
1 Beetle. Includes rubber stopper
Pre64 Bug Engine Lid Extension #155-691-10888
(2)Item# 155-691-10988---Engine Bonnet Catch Support Bracket for 1968 ~ 1977 Model Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle.
This model features an adjustable angle capability in the event
The rear apron is buckled. 
This permits a secure closure of the bonnet (subject to the extentl of damage)
Pre-assembled with insulated catch (for noise reduction) and protective pad at the base to protect your finish.
68 Up Bug Engine Lid Extension #155-691-10988
vintagespeed vw custom bug custom parts for german look and cal. look
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Home. Roof Racks. Exhaust Systems. Gauges Accessories. Gift Sport Shifters.
.Where to buy .vw-taiwan ..Blog .Contact Us

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